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Who are we?

Moncompte is developed by Raoul PROENCA, founder and administrator of the website. For any comment, question or to report a content problem, you can contact me at this address:

Which programming languages Moncompte is working with?

For the hidden part, Moncompte uses the PHP language together with the SQL query language to handle and manipulate data stored in database servers (MySQL, PostgreSQL or a simple file in case of SQLite).

For the visible part, the (X)HTML language is used together with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), JavaScript and XML.

Personal data

Moncompte website [] is made available for private use. The diffusion and collection of personal data of persons registering and logging in are the responsibility of its administrator. The latter guarantees respect for privacy, respect for confidentiality and the protection of personal data. No data is transmitted to third parties or exploited for commercial or prospecting purposes. You have the right to retain or delete your personal data.