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Moncompte is a budget management system. Its mission is to allow users to monitor and simulate operations on their accounts. Depending on day-to-day operations, planned or estimated operations, what will be the status of my bank account on that date? What will be my cash reserve at the end of the x month of the y year? These are questions that Moncompte can help you to answer to.

How does the website works?

Once registered, the first thing to do is to create an account and at least 2 categories related to this account: one for credit operations and the other for debit operations. It is of course possible to create as many categories as necessary, in one case or another, as it is also possible to create multiple accounts for a user. Categories and operations are linked to a single account and the selector at the top left of the page allows you to view the list of accounts and switch from one to the other. All add, edit or delete actions are linked to the account displayed in this selector.

Note:The account marked “default” in the list of accounts is the one that is automatically displayed at the opening of the session, not the one on which the actions apply, unless it is the account displayed in the selector of course.
Accounts management
Categories management

Once accounts and categories have been created, it is possible to add valued, dated and/or planned operations.

The add operations form consists of the list of previously created categories, a value field (mandatory), a description field (optional) and start and end dates selectors (optional).
Adding operations

The start and end dates must be complete (days, months and years) to be taken into account. If no date is entered, the current date is used. The start date can be used independently of the end date, and vice versa. Operations can be edited or deleted if necessary by accessing them from the operations table.

Note:- It is not necessary to precede the value of a debit operation with the negative sign (-). In the same way, it is not necessary to precede the value of a credit operation with the positive sign (+).
- The decimal separator can be a comma (,) or a dot (.). The maximum number of decimals is set to 2.
- The integer part is limited to 9 digits.
Operations table

Next to the accounts selector is the link to manage these accounts.

Just above the operations table appears the total value of the previous year. Logically it is equal to zero in the first year unless an initial value is defined. This value can be defined for each account. In practice, this value is almost always set and corresponds to the state of the account at the t time when categories and operations have been added to the table for the first time. It remains zero in the case of an account with a zero balance, for example, at the t time described previously.

The operations table shows the account status over an annual period corresponding, by default, to the current year. Depending on the categories and operations added, it will be possible to navigate, view and simulate the status of selected accounts. The period covered is between the year of the first operation and the year of the last one. Note that at a t time, it is not possible to add operations beyond a limit set by the website administrator.

In the top left corner of the table are the navigation links to switch from one year to another according to the added operations.

Just below the table appear the links to manage categories and operations.

The operations cells are clickable and display the list of operations according to the category and month chosen. On the other hand the cells of the month display the list of operations of the month independently of the categories. These lists provide quick access to operations informations and links for edition or deletion.

The background of the cells varies according to the characteristics of operations and the date of consultation of the table. Here is its meaning: an ended operation at the date of consultation an ongoing operation at the date of consultation
Operations management

On the right side and at the bottom of the table are the monthly and annual totals. These latter appear in red, by default, if they are negative.

The user profile allows to modify personal informations such as password and e-mail address. It also allows to adjust the configuration of the website according to own preferences: language, timezone, etc...

The administrative section of the website is only accessible to administrators.